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Welcome to Smart Profit Money, Internet Marketing Training,

Ok Rob here, and welcome to my Blog.

I specialize in WordPress Custom Blog design, and all the cool stuff you see online, from all the best Themes, plugins, affiliate products, and much more. I also test many of the best products on the market and do many reviews for internet marketing.

So if you ever said,
Wow that is so cool, the way that blog does that, or where can I find the products they used on that blog, well now you can. I also offer the best in depth training on all aspects of, affiliate marketing, and have over 20 years experience. If you have a any questions, just Ask Rob.

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So if your ready to build a custom blog, please click Start Here button, or if you have questions on how to set things up, Just Ask Rob, or visit my YouTube Channel,  I have lots of videos, on all this stuff.

start-hereI always show you the best products on the market,

Things I cover in training, custom premium WordPress Themes, membership plugins, affiliate marketing, auto responders, list building, must have plugins, social marketing, Facebook marketing, landing pages, e commence, shopping cart design, and much more.
Thank you
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Best SEO Plugins For WordPress

When it comes to SEO or search engine optimization, it can be overwhelming. So I will explain what are the best free and paid tools for SEO. We use all is one seo, by Michael Torbert, now to use this plugin right, you should understand how SEO works, if not you can use seopressor, which is a paid […]

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WP Fan Machine 2.0 Review

WP Fan Machine 2.0 Review, This is the best for Real Likes and posting comments on auto pilot. If your looking for a product that can auto post, comments, replies, likes and engagement, well look no further, here it is, and everything is real, no fake likes. Don’t let the auto posting comments and replies fool […]

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How To Make A Blog

Welcome Bloggers, If your new to blogging and website design, I will explain a few things that you will need in getting started. I recommend building your Blog or website on WordPress only, do not use a free website builder, they just don’t work. You will need a self hosted website, I recommend using Bluehost, for hosting, […]

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How to Start a Blog

Hello Bloggers, SPM has getting lot’s of new pages and full make over, as you can see on the top navigation. If you new to Blogging and wanted to start a new blog, visit are new page on How to Start to a Blog We tried to answer all your questions when starting a new […]

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Smart Profit Money Website News

Hello everyone, We our updated Smart Profit Money website, So if your watching, things are changing and are being added every day, reason why is, this website was started a few years ago, and was never finished, due to me Rob, working on sister sites and website that we build for sale, and that just […]

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How to Start List Building

How to start List Building So you are here, because your list building is not working, will your not alone,  Well are you hoping I will have all the answers to the magic tricks of list building, well of course I do, now don’t believe everything you read out there, what you will learn from […]

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Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing Training Tutorials Welcome to our Facebook Marketing Training Tutorials, If you always wanted to learn Facebook Marketing and always wondered how those Facebook marketers make awesome ads on the wall post, with timers, pop up ads, YouTube ads, clickable ads and much more, then watch our video course, Which includes 13 videos for Facebook Training Tutorials step by step in […]

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How to Make Money online

How to Make Money online Rob here, I want to talk about the question I get asked all the time, How do people really make money online, well let me start by saying, it’s not going to happen over night or in thirty days, this is a real business and will take time and effort […]

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