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Hello everyone,

We our updated Smart Profit Money website,

So if your watching, things are changing and are being added every day, reason why is, this website was started a few years ago, and was never finished, due to me Rob, working on sister sites and website that we build for sale, and that just took, all my time.

I always wanted to finish this site, and show everyone how internet marketing works and tools we use, also I build all the cool stuff you see on many of my websites out there on the web. I test many products on the market, from custom Themes, membership plugins, landing page software, e commerce, shopping carts, list building products, and more, reason why is, we want to use the best products and do not want to wast time.

So having the best is a must for me, keep in mind, the best products can save you time in building things for internet marketing, if your in this business is to make money, you need the best tools out there.

I will be doing a in depth review on many products, and show you how to use them, I know how frustrating it can be when your trying to get information on a product, and there is none, and all you find is a sales page or review, but no one shows you how it really works, or samples of the product in use, will check my site, I always show you samples, that I have done or live sites.

If your looking for landing page software, please check out my page on landing pages, I show you only the best, and it is what I use and my team.  

As you know, my team and myself specializes in WordPress, so we will show you soon, all the products that we use, plugins, membership systems, themes, and more, also how to videos on how to use the products and the best way. I love to teach, so you will learn what you should do when setting up you blog or store.

I always get asked about some of the custom graphics I use on my websites, not SPM but other sites, so I will be selling custom animated gif images and building some for customers soon.

Ok little about me if you don’t know, what I do and specialize in, I have been doing graphic design, website design, theme design, and online marketing, for many businesses online, and have over 20 years experience,
yes a long time, I know.

Most of the information on SPM is for internet marketers, and newbies starting out online, or even if your a pro please stop by, ok everyone thanks for reading my post.

Thank you





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