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Hello Bloggers,

Rob here, I get asked many times, does affiliate marketing really work, or what is affiliate marketing, and how does it work.

Plain and simple, yes it does work, if you follow the right steps.

Fist off lets go over what you need to make affiliate marketing work.

You must have a website or blog and built on WordPress, why WordPress because that is what works, sorry no free website builders, this is the real deal, you must have hosting and own your own website.wordpress

Now your website or blog must have traffic, if not you can use social media, but you will also need traffic and visitors as well.
So if you need traffic now and fast, you can pay for it, as you all know, this is called, ad placement on social media or Google ads placement, ppc. Now Google and many other social sites have cracked down on affiliate marketing, so read the rules before you post on their platform.

How to advertise Affiliate marketing products 

There are many ways to advertise your affiliate products, and placing them on your website or blog, I will cover the most common way affiliate marketing is used, among affiliate marketers.

Types of Affiliate links and Product placement

Types of  Affiliates you can work with most common

And of course there are many more,custom-blog-websites

If your new to affiliate marketing, try not to get over loaded with setting up to many affiliate partners. The main thing is to focus on is setting up your website blog, and your niche for getting high traffic to sell products.

Well somebody really buy your affiliates products

They will click on your links, and buy, but you must learn this first like I said above, so you must only be selling something you know about, people can spot scam marketers super easy, so know your product, or build your own. Affiliate marketers that sell many products, know their stuff, just like me writing this post, let’s think about this, I only teach and sell affiliate products that I know about or use myself in my internet marketing business, and this is my niche, I have being doing this for over twenty years.

So as you can see, you would spot me or any other person that is not an expert on their niche products, so always know your stuff, don’t try just to sell and post products, be an expert.

Things to know on how to choose your niche

For example I started doing graphic design and building website, years ago, this is why I choose this as my niche. Now everybody is good at something, and that is what you should be blogging about or building your website around.

How to use Affiliate Marketing landing pages and links

Many affiliates will use a landing page or build a niche around one product, or just place links in blog content, so which is the best way. Well it all depends on what type of blog you have or what fits your design best for each product and matches your website blog.

You will learn affiliate marketing design, for your product placement, this comes with time, and learning WordPress, if you already know WordPress, and understand landing page design, then you should be fine on setting all this up.

You can choose a page that is connected to your website or just place links in content.

You first have to build trust in your website or blog, for readers that visit your site. Once they see that you are the real deal and are not just talking about something that you know nothing about, they will start to trust you and read all your blog information.

Landing page that is built into blog or niche,

Now if your using a internal page that is part of your website, and is not a external page, then it will do better in traffic and sales, than a stand alone page. We have testing all types of affiliate marketing, so I will explain how we come to this conclusion. If a reader is on your blog and sees that you have a niche website around one product, and has tons of content for this product, then readers will feel that this website has valuable information for this product, then you will build trust with them.

Now if you build single page or landing page, that is not connected to your website, and has very little content for this affiliate product, then search engines, will not rank this page as well as a full complete website and index it like they would a website that has been built around one niche product. See my point, content is king, so don’t be lazy, content is what blogging is all about, so choose wisely.

Affiliate links on blog

If your blogging like I am right now, and place affiliate links in a blog post, and wonder if that is a good idea to market your products, well it is, if your blog is about this product.

Just make sure the affiliate product is part of your niche that you are talking about. So to be clear, never mix affiliate products, that have nothing to do with your blog or niche. You can sell many affiliate product on one website or blog, they just have to be in the same type of niche your working in.

Affiliate marketing is easy

Don’t over think this stuff, the trick is, you must be an expert at the product your selling, and have content posted about the product, and traffic, that is it. The hard part is just connecting all the parts that go with it, what are the parts, website, niche, design, affiliate retailer, traffic, social media, and of course content and lots of it.

If you need any advice on how all this works, just click on my, Ask Rob Button




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