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Affiliate Marketing

Hello Bloggers, Rob here, I get asked many times, does affiliate marketing really work, or what is affiliate marketing, and how does it work. Plain and simple, yes it does work, if you follow the right steps. Fist off lets go over what you need to make affiliate marketing work. You must have a website […]

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Best SEO Plugins For WordPress

When it comes to SEO or search engine optimization, it can be overwhelming. So I will explain what are the best free and paid tools for SEO. We use all is one seo, by Michael Torbert, now to use this plugin right, you should understand how SEO works, if not you can use seopressor, which is a paid […]

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How To Make A Blog

Welcome Bloggers, If your new to blogging and website design, I will explain a few things that you will need in getting started. I recommend building your Blog or website on WordPress only, do not use a free website builder, they just don’t work. You will need a self hosted website, I recommend using Bluehost, for hosting, […]

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