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How to Start a Blog

Hello Bloggers,
Ok Rob here, I going to go over a few things about starting a blog, and concept.

Now I always hear people say, start a blog it super easy, and work from home, well i’m sure you here the same thing. Many people have no idea on what a blog is or how a blog works, there are many types of blogs.

Top 8 most common types of blogs

  • Personal blog
  • How to blog
  • e commence blog
  • Review blog
  • Niche Blog
  • amazon Store Niche
  • Affiliate Blog
  • Branding blogs

    After you read this complete page, then watch this video and visit
    How to Make a Blog Post or Click Here

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As you can see the list can go for ever,
First off, you should decide on what type of blog you should start., concept, look and feel, design of Theme, must haves of functions you like, or you have seen on other blogs. Try to get help when starting out, we offer lots of help, just ask us, and don’t fall for all the stuff you find online to get rich or make money online.

Choose Website Platform,

Website platform is the most important thing you need when setting up your blog, newbies always choose a free platform, and then ask why there is no traffic coming to their site, and why their blog is not is not compatible with all the tools online. Well WordPress is the most popular platform for blogs, so try to choose WordPress.

Now are you starting a blog for fun or are you looking to build a super blog,

First off this is a real business, if your looking to do this as a real business and make money from it, you have to treat it as one, and yes, you will have to spend money on software and tools that we use, and be ready for the learning curve, that comes with trying to understand internet marketing and the process.


I choose WordPress self hosted,  for all my websites that I build, there are many platforms to choose from, but if your looking to do this right and have a blog that does well, then WordPress is my choice, and millions of other bloggers choose WordPress as well.

How long does it take to make money from a blog,

Like I said, this is a real business, the only people that are making real money from blogs, are full time internet marketing pros, as we like to call them. There are many new blogs that make little money, just from setting up a few things, but if you want to have a pro style blog, then you have to learn the process.

Example on myself, so you can understand how this works,

I started working on websites in 1995, yes a long time ago, and built my first website then, and spent hrs and hrs on learning everything I could about internet marketing and much more. I sold my first website with in the first year of learning web design, and then started doing online marketing for many businesses.

I also have been doing, graphic design, web design, custom theme design, SEO, marketing, for a long time. I don’t expect you to learn web design, I just saying, that is my skill, there are many things you can offer to the online world, don’t be shy, you know your good at something.

The average time to learn the WordPress platform,

If your a newbie and never created a dot com name and hosting, then you could watch our videos and setup your blog on line, in one day. Now to understand WordPress and get some what comfortable, is about 3 months, now this can vary from person to person, if you have experience with WordPress, you will be able to understand the set up process much easier.

And for making money,

That is really up to you, and how much you really want this. Now what skills do you have to share online, blogs are about telling a story or helping out on a topic that somebody needs to know about. Blogs that do well, always offer great content, that’s why we say, content is king, you well hear this term used a lot in the blogging world.

If you asking yourself right now, hum what can I share on my blog, or what am I good at, everybody is good at something, and your blog should be about something that you know about, you will be surprised what you can contribute to the online world, and people might just love what you have to say, you will never know until you try.

Now the best blogs online that are making real money, they have spent years learning everything about internet marketing and writing thousands of pages of full content and can be found everywhere online. So your blog is not going to be like a super blog, this takes time, this is not something you can learn over night or build in 30 days.

What about just setting up a e commerce store,

Well yes you can, but to have an online store that makes real money, you will have to learn all about internet marketing,  traffic, shopping cart design, and much more, so start with a blog first, learn how WordPress works and then build anything you want. Many people give up, after finding out, that this is not as easy as they thought it was.

Ok so I m Ready now what do I need to start my blog,

Hosting, domain name, WordPress platform,  choose your Theme, setup website and start blogging, well you should get some help on setting things up, there are many TurnKey self hosted websites or hosted to choose from. Here is our sister company that offers many options for you to choose in getting started online. Click Here for Done for you service






Ok hope this helps you in getting started with your new blog, have fun and if you need help,

Just ask me, Click Here For Help or Questions
 I really do answer all question sent to me.

Thank you
Rob Pro Blogger.


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