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Best Membership Theme or Plugin For WordPress

Best Membership Theme or Plugin For WordPress

Here is our Review on Premium Press Themes and WP emember plugin

When it comes to membership websites and choosing the right theme, it can be a bit confusing, so here is one option for you. This theme has everything you need, and membership system is built in, to the theme. This is also what we use on our customer membership websites.

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What features does this Theme come with,

For using as a membership, e commerce website design, you ask, well let’s check it out. If your new to membership websites and not sure what you will need inside of a theme or membership website design, let me help you.

Number one is, built in functions, so you do not need to add plugins, and will run much smother, here is what is inside this super theme.

Features of what this Theme has inside, to much to list so here is the must haves.

  • Membership System built in
  • Shopping Cart built in
  • Protect Pages built in
  • Members Area and Management Tools
  • Members account page
  • 20+ Payment Gateway
  • Recurring Payments
  • Sales and Order tracking system
  • Drag and Drop layout system
  • And much more

We have built many of our customer membership websites with Premium WordPress Themes  now you can have other options, there are many plugins that will add all the membership functions that you need, for more information on plugins that we use on our membership and e commerce design, please see our page on resources.

WordPress Membership Themes,

What to look for in a membership theme or plugin,
There are a few great themes out there, that come with landing pages, sales pages and much more, it is always best to learn about what you will need in your design.

Membership all in one themes,

Some membership themes are so packed with bad code and functions, that it makes the theme load slow, this is bad, your theme should always load fast, or your customers will leave and find something else. If your looking for affiliate marketing, and wanted to use the tools that most internet marketers use, then  Premium WordPress Themes could work for you. Please look over some of what we have built for our customers, click on links below.

Real live Membership websites built with Premium WordPress Themes

As you can see, you can build anything with Premium WordPress Themes


Please contact us for any questions you have on Membership Themes and Design.

WordPress Membership Plugin

Ok Bloggers,  

Here is my Review on WP emember, membership plugin for WordPress,

When it come to membership software or plugins, There are many to choose from, this is the membership software that I use, WP emember can do all the custom things that you need, and it is a plugin, so it can work on most themes of your choice. Now it also works with estore, which is part of the emember software family.

Some of the things that I look for in a membership system

Is, can I make email optin form list, so this WP emember can make as many as you want, I will explain, let’s say you have a optin form for, list A, and you also needed a list for optin B, and C, and so on, no problem, this plugin can do it all.

Now for other things it does,
Protect pages with one click, and the admin area has many functions for you to search for customers or search by list optin. Also has all the custom features you need like, partial content display, unlimited membership levels and more.

There are to many features to list here,
Please watch my video or WP emembers video on the plugin.

If you have any questions on this product, please let me know, and if you purchase from one of my affiliates, I will answer questions for products on customization.   

Ok let me know if I can help you.

Thank you


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