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Best Camera And Mic For YouTube Home Studio

So your looking to be the next YouTube Star,

Well I got you covered, on this post I will tell what you need for startling out, these products are the ones most used, even by the so called YouTube stars, there is no need to purchase an expensive camera or mic, the products listed below, give you the same quality and sound, as the of the best ones used.

Here is the the best setup for screen capture or just filming yourself with PC camera.

Filming YouTube Videos with your Smart Phone

If your looking for the best way to start filming yourself for YouTube videos from your smart phone, then using a simple tripod and clip on mic is the best way. Many of the best YouTube videos are filmed using a smart phone or iphone, so don’t get caught up with high prices cameras for YouTube, most YouTube stars use their smart phone.

More Products for Setting Up, Semi Pro Home Studio

When your first starting out, you will find that using the best is not what it takes to be a YouTube star, or to have great quality and sound, but if you choose to upgrade your home studio, here are some great products.

For Video Recording And Screen Capture Software, I use Camtasia


What is the best video camera for YouTube

So you want the best, well if that is the case, make sure you understand how cameras work, they all do different things, also you must use lighting. If your trying to capture the best looking video. DSLR from cannon, are some of the most common cameras used, for filming YouTube videos, but many pros are still using their smart phones, that’s right, reason is, when your out and about and something comes to mind, and you need to capture it on film, your smart phone is always there.

How YouTube channels become so popular

If your new to filming for YouTube videos, and still trying to figure out, how some YouTube super stars become so famous, I will explain. Number one, they make it look easy, but they have masted all the skills for making videos and editing videos. Content is number one, they know what their viewers like, and they film it. If the channel is about how to videos, they researched it well, and know all about the product, or what ever it is there talking about.

Funny videos, with great content also works

You just have know how to act on camera, and again know what your viewers want to see, if your super funny, your channel will do well, most channels that go viral, are from people just being themselves, so don’t try to be someone your not, and only talk about something you know about. If you know your stuff, viewers will flock to your channel, and then you could be the next YouTube super star.

Tips on how to create a successful YouTube channel

You must have all the right things in place,

  • Custom cover image
  • Custom welcome video
  • Custom website blog
  • Social media package
  • Custom thumbnails on videos
  • Correct content for niche
  • Clear video and sound
  • Custom editing on all videos
  • Must upload new videos every week
  • Must have 100 videos or more 
  • Must have great voice presentation
  • Must be comfortable on camera 

I hope this helps you, on what it takes to film like a YouTube star, or become one, now for filming on screen capture, I only use, Camtasia this is the best software for editing YouTube videos and more.

Thank you

Rob Pro Blogger

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