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How To Make Money With a Blog

When it comes to blogs or just trying to make money online,

It can be overwhelming, with so many people saying to do this and that, and just to find out, this is not how it works, then you search online to see if somebody out there, will tell you the truth, well there is, Just ask Rob, so relax and grab a cup of coffee, your going to be here a while.

So you should have already a blog or a website and built on WordPress, if not you still can read this post and then create your website blog. Now I say WordPress because it is own by you, and hosted by you. If your trying to use a free website blog service, your blog will not work and all the tools needed to make money online, are not available.

Bloggers that have real blogs that make money are self hosted on WordPress, or some pros use a custom php coded websites blogs, so more on that later, just keep in mind, WordPress only.

How to make money with a blog,wait-read-this-first

There are so many ways to make money blogging, but I will only be talking about what you should be using to start out and if your new to blogging, then you can add more things later. If you look at my post on how to start a blog, you will see this list of types of blogs,

Top 8 most common types of blogs

  • Personal blog
  • How to blog
  • e commence blog
  • Review blog
  • Niche Blog
  • amazon Store Niche
  • Affiliate Blog
  • Branding blogs

Once you have your blog up and running or even if it is brand new,

You could start with affiliate marketing. now many people, say what is that, well it is easy to do and so simple that many people over look it and choose something else when starting their blog, only to find out, they should have learned affiliate marketing, and integrated it with their blog from the start.

So what is affiliate marketing,

Affiliate marketing, is when you sell other people products and you get paid a commission on each and every time you sell something, that is it, so simple, but of course I will explain in detail, it works like this, you go to a affiliate marketing website, that has all the products for you to sell on your website blog, you then choose the products you want to work with and promote and sell, sounds easy. well it could be, but if you do things wrong, it will not work.

So where are the products for affiliate marketing

Well there are many places to find them, but I will keep it easy and simple for you, fist off, you should only be working with affiliate products that you know about, the first mistake that newbies make are, they choose anything to promote and sell, just because they think it is easy, and after all it is making money online, wrong this is a real business, so to make this work, you must understand the process and follow it step by step.

So now that I have your attention

Your products can be found at online retailers, like Clickbank CLICK HERE To Join so that easy, right, hold on, there is much to learn here to make this work. First off there many types of affiliate marketing and retailers to use, I will try to still keep this simple and not confuse you, so you can also use products from amazon, and join there affiliate program, but it is best to start with one at first.

So what is the best way promote affiliate products,

You must build a website around one niche, then add as many affiliate products that are related to that niche, never mix unrelated affiliates products links,  this will only confused prospects and buyers. The best way to sell anything online is to know your product niche, and do things right. Never have a mind set, that this is not a real business, and can be done easy, you must know how how WordPress works and how to customize a website for it to fit your niche.

So if your asking your self right now,

Well I should learn WordPress or hire someone to do this for me, and just tell them to add all this stuff and be done with it, well let me answer this mind set question for you, you could, but you will not learn anything about this business. The only people that make money online, have design their own website blog or work side by side with their designer on ever aspect of this business, or it will not work.

So WordPress is easy right,

Well that is what everybody says, who does not have a professional blog or website, but as you will find out, to have a custom blog or website, with all the cool stuff, you must be really good at WordPress, or your website will not function right. For example, my website, yes this website your on right now is a custom blog, it might look simple and clean, but don’t let it fool you, I am running the latest and best technology on the market.

How to find the right affiliate products

So your ready to sell some affiliate products, and you have design your website right, now it is time to choose the affiliate product that you know about, but if you’re not quite sure which product to choose, here is a tip, after you have joined clickbank, search for products that you think you might fit your niche, there is so much to choose from, am sure you will see something that you like.

How to place your affiliate link in blog

To place your affiliate links in your blog, just login to your clickbank affiliate retailer, and click on the product your thinking about using, then you will see a button that says promote, click on it and copy your link code, then insert in your blog post or page, that easy.

Now please watch my video on how to use Clickbank

Best way to promote your affiliate products

There is a few ways to promote your affiliate products links, I will go over a few that you should know about. The most popular is just placing your affiliate link on post or page, just like I did on this post, or if you choose to, you can build a landing page for your affiliate product and show all details about your product, including images, video, and complete description on affiliate product.

Here is a landing page from my own Affiliate product, Click Here

Many of My affiliate products that I sell, as you can see, I have a complete a landing page, with images, video and check out shopping cart button. Once you get the hang of things and working with affiliate products, you will find what works best for you and how to promote your affiliates products links.

Ready to make your first blog and start affiliate marketing, well I hope so, if you need help on setting things up, ask Rob, and don’t rush things, set some time aside to learn everyday, and before you know it, you will own a custom blog.


Thank you
Rob Pro Blogger


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